Light Computer "Next Generation"
A Produkt of: Tams Elektronik GmbH
Our LC modules ("Light Computers") have been bringing life to model railways and dioramas for more than 20 years. At the beginning of 2021, the time was ripe for the "Next Generation" of Light Computers.

Currently, 14 software versions are available that bring residential and commercial buildings, railway stations, workshops, fire stations, construction sites or complete cities to life just like street lamps, traffic lights, emergency vehicles or fairground stalls.

Individualists turn the cog (of the trim pot) to adjust the speed of the sequences, for example.

In some versions, one or more of the 14 outputs are used for connecting servos and/or loudspeakers instead of lighting. This way, the sceneries can be rounded off - without much effort with the simplest means. The servo signal is available at the servo outputs, e.g. for controlling gates or cranes. Simple sounds are played via the loudspeaker outputs (e.g. siren).

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