KILT'N'STRONG Game of Clans
Immerse yourself in the world of Scottish Highland Games and compete in the Kilt'N'Strong against the best from across the country. Under the motto "Heavier-Higher-Further", you must be the first to achieve a record and a valid attempt in all events.
The traditional challenges Caber Toss, Stone Press, Farmers walk and Weight over Bar await you. But be careful when chasing records - the strongest in the land will do anything to beat you. What seems like a sure victory can also be snatched from you at the last second.

KILT'N'STRONG Game of Clans - The strong card game for everybody.

Content: 73 playing cards, 6 Clan boards, Game rules (English, German)


Mr. Stefan Kolitsch
KILT'N'STRONG Game of Clans